Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Meat Department (continued...)

 "The Meat Department"

For this project, I was very interested in the method of utilizing one long, continuous shot in an effective way. I also wanted to continue on with my concept of animal (and consequently human) welfare, since that will be the focus of my senior show in the upcoming spring term. Using the medium of video to accomplish these goals was difficult enough using found footage for the previous project; using my own footage was even more difficult because I was very limited in terms of material I could film due to time and transportation constraints, as well as other issues. I realized that a grocery store would be a great place to take on this food-centric issue, and decided to focus on the meat industry as a concept in itself. Through my short film, I hope to bring its greatest shortcoming to light.

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  1. The point of view of products looking through the shopping cart mesh is something that the small portable video cameras can do so exquisitely. The quality of your footage is eerie. Inserting your "propaganda" momentarily implied a point-of-purchase display in the retail store. The open meat coolers, insidious bright lights, sheer amount of packaging may ultimately be of this moment. Only time will tell. Consider combining your found footage with this footage to make a longer piece articulating the issues.