Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art and Activism in the Digital Age

Ai Weiwei, Dropping a Han-Dynasty Urn, 1995

After beginning my research on artist Ai Weiwei, I was very surprised to not have heard of him. What he is doing for China with his art and ideas is so brave and honorable, and seeing how powerful the work is that he has completed inspires me to want to use my artistic skills for the greater good of the world. It is very interesting to see how Weiwei, as well as other artists like Kalup Linzy and Piplotti Rist, are using their art in very different ways to address social issues such as governmental oppression, homosexuality, and feminism, respectively. The variety of artistic and digital mediums that they utilize to spread their message opened my eyes up to so many new possibilities of how to spread my own message(s) of change throughout society. It also helped me realize that embracing and utilizing technology is important, almost necessary to any social movement in this digital age. 

Ai Weiwei's Tweets in English 

A recently published article about how art is incorporated in America's most current poitical movement: How Art Propels Occupy Wall Street


  1. Ai Weiwei is a great example of how influential art can be when combined with digital media. He is certainly opinionated on a lot of issues and it seems like he takes a very direct approach at critiquing these issues. This is a very different approach from someone like Kalup Linzy, who is much more subtle about addressing important issues.

  2. He doesn't let anything slide...he has been particularly successful at gaining visibility for his work. Twitter has been integral.