Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Technology to Tangibility

Putting together a magazine based on my Pet/Food set in Flickr was an interesting process in that it made me think very critically about the sequence of the photos, as well as the content. Originally, sequencing the set on Flickr felt much more like how Robert Frank described sequencing his photographs in the book The Americans; “More of a process of discovery than a discourse… the chapters… evolved intuitively.” While I retained a majority of the original sequencing from my Flickr set for my book, having the layout be two pictures juxtaposed side-by-side informed all of the changes that I made to the set. My goal was to make sure that the two images placed next to each other on each set of pages would evoke a powerful response from the viewer. In order to achieve this, I edited a couple photos that I felt were weaker or didn’t quite go with the sequence out of the set completely, and also added two new photos that I thought strengthened the set. I am excited to have my photographs become a tangible object that requires more physical involvement to observe than photos on the internet that can be easily ignored by the viewer. 


  1. I thought that your projects was best enhanced by the magazine format...not just because of the subject matter/idea, but because of how you arranged the images. I don't think these images will lose their meaning by being tacked up onto a wall, but I think the magazine allows some of the humor as well as the darker undertones to come through by isolating images of food and animals that are contradictory or hypocritical. Great job! Your passion about the subject really shows.

  2. The cute cat on the cover again makes us think this will be yet another cute kitty project, but then your magazine unfolds a more jarring message about the relationship of humans to animals. There are moments of cute and funny and they work together to soften or make accessible a powerful message. It's great that you took on learning InDesign to better realize your vision for the project.

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